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New Design and Logo

We have been neglecting our product and customers for way too long. For this we are sorry. We will do better.

We have been doing some behind the scenes technology upgrades that should improve the performance and security of the application, and there are a lot of more technology upgrades on the way.

Once we are on the latest technology stack, we will go back and look at where we can improve the product. But we can’t wait, so we are working in a new design for the application that we will release within a couple of days. There might be some rough edges but we will get every thing smoothed out in time.

Thank you for your patience.

You speak, we listen!

Dear customer.

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The podcastmachine team.

Myopenid down

Currently myopenid.com is down. This affect all PodcastMachine customers who use a myopenid login, since myopenid verify's every myopenid account when you log into PodcastMachine. Simply try again later.

More info on twitter

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PodcastMachine will be 4 years old this summer

It's almost 4 years since Mick bought the domainname 'PodcastMachine'. Since then a lot of things have happend, and PodcastMachine has matured a lot. PodcastMachine still offers a very simple way to get your podcast going, and a quick search on twitter reveals our service is being used in many different ways. Our entire infrastructure is still 100% cloud based - which was the lastest and greatest back in 2007. It seems a little more normal theese days. In january we restuctured the firm, and we are now PodcastMachine Aps - and got a lot of legal work regarding the ownership of the firm ironed out.

Thank you! to all our customers who made the success of podcastmachine a reality - we are looking forward to host your podcasts in the years to come.

Best regards

The stats are back on!

Dear everybody.

The statistics are now back on. The stat numbers now update once every hour.

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